The Arena of Tyr

“Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present… tonight’s bloodbath!” Arena Announcer.

The Arena of Tyr is a large sandstone structure, the third largest building in Tyr, and is located directly north of The Ziggurat of Tyr and south of The Golden Tower.

Used by King Kalak as a way of keeping the populace docile and entertained, the Arena has a long and bloody history. Until Kalak’s fall, all fights were to the death, but since his death, the Dragonborn Arena Master has strictly enforced non-lethal fighting techniques, though they are still quite risky and bloody. Matches with captured monsters are still to the death, since it is remarkably difficult to instruct a giant lizard beast on the etiquette of fair play.

The Arena has a number of sections:

The Stands – Capable of seating Thousands, the arena stands extend several hundred feet up. They begin 50 feet above the Arena floor, to prevent creatures or panicking gladiators from charging into the stands, endangering passerby.

The King’s Box – A large enclosed seating area, high above the normal stands, the King’s box was used by King Kalak, and more recently, King Titarion as a place to watch the arena’s combat and make pronouncements, along with his most trusted allies. The King’s Box has a seperate fortified entrance from the rest of the Stands.

The Bloodworks – The Arena’s training area, the different gladiators fight and train in any one of the dozen of pits inset in the floor, each with different features, like spontaneous arrow traps, a rotating floor, a floor that extrudes spikes in complex patterns, testin the gladiators intellect and awareness, and a pit hung with ropes, to test the gladiators agility and aerial prowess. Called the Bloodworks because of the amount of blood spilled in the pits during training. The Dragonborn Arena Master’s Office and the Armory are attached to the Bloodworks.

The Armory – A collection of hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor, several magical in nature, the armory is constantly being increased by adventuring parties hired by the Arena. The Arena gives out weapons and armor to the winners of popular matches, or as prizes in tournaments.

The Arena Master’s Office – A large room, likely originally built with a different use in mind, this room contains numerous powerful artifacts, that the Dragonborn Arena Master gives to his favored champions, or as prizes in the most prestigious of tournaments. The room also contains a large desk and chair, and numerous traps and wards to prevent theft and tampering. The room is lined with stone columns, one of which was ripped out by Crusher to use as a club.

The Dungeons – Kept seperate from the rest of the Arena, with the only entrance being a heavily fortified door on the exterior of the arena, on the east side near the entrance to the Bloodworks, the Dungeons are where the dangerous creatures that are fought in the arena are kept. The dungeons are replenished by adventurers hired by the arena to capture the most exotic and interesting of monsters in Athas.

The Arena is currently the only neutral ground in Tyr, as none of the factions wants their people to lose free access to the Arena, and angering the masses of gladiators would be a poor idea.

The Arena of Tyr

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