The Bloody Hand

“You find one of Titarion’s lackeys, you bring him to me. He resists, you kill him. Anyone else around too, those scum are contagious.” Losk, during the riots in Tyr.

The Bloody Hand is a loosely bound group of thugs, murderers, and thieves. Formed from the numerous gangs that used to roam the Warrens of Tyr, the Bloody Hand has become something of a force to be reckoned with. Their leader is Losk, a diminutive Mul woman with a very short temper, who formed the group after being kicked out of The Preservers.

The Bloody Hand is engaged in open warfare with the Preservers, though due to the Preservers numerical advantage, they rarely engage them in the open, preferring hit and run or ambush tactics.

The Bloody Hand calls The Warrens their home, with no clear center of operations. Every attempt to root them from the Warrens has been met with a complete bloodbath of the invaders.

Known members of the Bloody Hand:

Losk: Leader.
Xander: Thri-kreen Double Agent, working for the Preservers.

The Bloody Hand

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