The Council

“Might I suggest an alternative to fighting over who gets the crown?” Moiraine, speaking with the Dragonborn Arena Master after the usurping of Titarion.

The Council is the name given to the new ruling body of Tyr after the defeat of Titarion. Jointly ruling the city, with no clearly defined ruler, they make the decisions on what happens in the city. The current members are:

Leta and Lyssandra: The party, who provide the final say on any major decisions of The Council.

Dragonborn Arena Master: The leader of the gladiators and The Arena of Tyr. Oversees the military and justice aspects of running the city. Currently in a relationship with Lyssandra.

Moiraine: Former second-in-command and current leader of The Preservers. Oversees the health and culture of the city.

Harzen Scorchedskull: Builder of The Ziggurat of Tyr. Handles the research of new ideas, and the implementation of unusual ideas.

Nihlus Vor: Son of Rhotan Vor, once of House Wavir. A brash young man, but with many ideas on how to reestablish Tyr’s economy and build his own merchant house.

Adran: The leader of The Iron Riders, Adran is an elven druid with an incredible hatred of defiling. She tends to favor more extreme methods of governing, and encourages both new growth and the cleansing fire.

Elthea: Once Moiraine’s second in command, and secretly a templar of Nibenay, who revealed her allegiance to the party after seeing their own marks of Nibenay. Elthea has taken the role of liason between the council and the Templars of Nibenay based outside the city’s gates. Elthea tends to favor more extreme, if practical, methods of dealing with the cities problems.

Secondary Council Members:

Sometimes the party is away from the city, or several key members are off doing their own tasks and are unable to attend. In these situations, the Council has been known to temporarily gain additional members.

Aristes: An occasional member of the Council, though never without Kes by his side, Aristes is an outspoken and brash, albeit charismatic, Hengeyokai. Aristes is very straightforward in his suggestions for the council, and dislikes intrigue and double dealing.

Azad: Azad never openly joins in the Council’s deliberations, though his shape shifting nature means he often attends under the guise of one of the other members, most often Ilim, the butler/steward of The Manor. Azad is no stranger to intrigue, and often suggests simple elimination of their problems with a knife.

Bite: A mute Mul gladiator, Bite is often not very involved in Council meetings, but when he is, he is very passionate. Usually aligning himself with his brother Slice, the two often move to support artistic and nature based resolutions.

Captain Lyranius: A recent addition to the city, Lyranius was an ex-captain in the service of Hamanu, who defected to Tyr in the hopes of securing freedom for his family, who were threatened with enslavement for a failure of Lyranius’s.

Cha’ka: A thri-kreen gladiator with a penchant for wine, Cha’ka is one of the party’s most steadfast allies. When sitting on the council, he tends to favor either the party’s recommendations or his close friend Elthea’s.

Kes: A soft spoken female Hengeyokai, Kes is a master of stealth, but recently suffered a near fatal injury that has severely hampered her mobility. She is never far from Aristes, and on the few occasions that she speaks up in Council meetings, she is always insightful.

Losk: An ex-slave Mul, Losk is a woman powered by hatred. Leader of The Bloody Hand. Despising Templars, druids, slavers, and above all, her ex-ally Titarion, Losk is a grudging ally of the party. Losk, when she speaks up, usually has a practical suggestion, but always one that either hurts her rivals, or increases her own influence. Losk was dominated by Titarion during the Brain Rat Assault, and mutated horribly to serve as a relay for his psionic abilities. She now dwells in the basement of the Manor.

Slice: The brother of the mute Bite, Slice is a patron of the arts, particularly music. Though he and his brother often support each other’s decisions, Slice could be swayed away if the opposing side offered more of a chance for artistic growth or benefit for the city.

The Council

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