The Endless Sand Dunes

“You can travel for days, without seeing another living soul, or creature. Just sand, on and on, as far as you can see in every direction.” Trader from House Wavir, discussing southern trade routes.

Unlike the shifting sands of The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes, the Endless Sand Dunes are simple enough to navigate. Landmarks seem constant, with only occasional sandstorms disrupting the landscape. The difficulty of the Endless Sand Dunes is their sheer size. The dunes themselves would qualify as full blown foothills anywhere else, and they continue further south than anyone in the Tyr region knows. Aside from an interruption by the Dead Lands, the Endless Sand Dunes have few notable locations. At least, few that people have returned to speak of.

Notable Locations:

The Crimson Monolith
The Blue Shrine
Last Drink

The Endless Sand Dunes

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