The Heartwood Spear

“So this is the weapon we must use to kill Kalak? Such a small thing, to take down an immortal.” Davion commenting on the spear.

The Heartwood Spear is a mystical artifact, said to be the bane of defilers the world over. Made of the heartwood of a Tree of Life, and imbued with the will of the primordials that shaped Athas, the Spear is made to protect the elements and strike down the foes of the natural world.

Bone-white wood, intricately carved, and embossed with primordial runes, topped with a ruby in the blade, the Heartwood Spear is an incredibly distinct weapon.

Recently, the Spear was wielded by Titarion in order to kill King Kalak in The Ziggurat of Tyr. Titarion still carries the Spear, and brings it with him everywhere, especially when making public addresses.

The Heartwood Spear

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