The Iron Riders

“Every time we kill one tyrant, another rises to assume his throne. The obvious solution is to destroy his throne, and all the trappings that go with it. When this tyrant is destroyed, his successor will rule a pile of rubble.” Adran to her lieutenants.

Composed primarily of mounted elves and dune traders, the Iron Riders are an odd faction. They have little presence in Tyr itself, excluding the Market District, where they enjoy a fairly high amount of influence. They mostly camp outside the city, to allow room for their mounts and sprawling encampments. The Iron Riders are an elementally based faction, believing that the city of Tyr itself is a corrupting influence, and that it must be torn down and renewed to purge the evil that dwells within.

The Iron Riders control the main trade routes into Tyr, but tend not to interfere in free trade, only occasionally searching caravans for defilers, who they execute on sight.

The Iron Riders are led by Adran, a fierce dune elf who aided Titarion, Losk, and Davion in the defeat of King Kalak. After Titarion and Davion seized their respective factions, Adran came to the conclusion that they were both just potential Sorcerer-kings in the making, and left the city. Several months later, she returned with a column of riders, and setup camp outside the city. Traders, elves, and other supporters of either elemental or free ideals have flocked to her banner.

The party has yet to meet any members of the Iron Riders.

Known Iron Riders:

Adran Leader.

The Iron Riders

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