The Ivory Triangle

“The Ivory Triangle, aside from holding the cradle of life, the city of ”/campaign/59851/wikis/nibenay" class=“wiki-page-link”>Nibenay, is a varied and unusual anomaly. With the Silt sea on 3 sides, the land has adapted in ways fairly different from the rest of Athas." Nibenay on the subject of the Ivory Triangle.

The Ivory Triangle makes up a large section of land in the Tyr Region, bordered on all sides by The Silt Sea except to the Northwest, where it encounters the Tablelands.

Notable Locations in The Ivory Triangle:

Nibenay: The city of Shadow, engaged in a constant war with the nearby city of Gulg.
Gulg: The city of Life, engaged in a constant war with the nearby city of Nibenay.
Fort Kalvis: A fort run by the forces of Gulg.
Fort Harbeth: A fort on the edge of the Mekillot Mountains, run by the Trading house Inika.
Fort Fyra: The sole trading fortress/base of the lesser Trading House Fyra, specializing in Salt.
Salt View: One of the most famous ex-slave endeavors on Athas, the town of over a thousand ex-slaves has carved out a comfortable existence, farming and raiding Sorcerer-King holdings to sustain themselves.
Outpost 19: A small trading outpost of House Wavir, the outpost has been destroyed by ravaging salt storms a number of times, but this latest version is built into a sheltered hollow that has protected it for years.
North Ledopolus: One of a pair of towns, run primarily by dwarves in an attempt to bridge the Estuary of the Forked Tongue.
Last Port: A small town, surrounded by a moat of silt, it technically is under the control of Balic, but maintains as much independence as it can.
Alfala: Little is known of this ancient spire, poking out of the silt on the edge of The Silt Sea.
Samarah: A small port town made up of mostly ex-slaves.
Bodach: The remains of a great city, surrounded by extensive silt flats. Little is known of it’s history.
Pristine Tower: A towering spire, silvery and reaching to the sky, the purpose of which is unknown.
Fort Inix: One of the chief trading forts of House Shom, the main trading house of Nibenay.
Giustenal: Ruins of a great city, once ruled by the Sorcerer-King Dregoth, before his defeat at the hands of the other Sorcerer-Kings.
Cromlin: A trading village, kept operational by traders seeking to bypass the chaos of Raam.

The Ivory Triangle

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