The Preservers

“The people fear magic, associating it purely with defilers. It is our goal to teach them to fear entirely different things.” Titarion to his lieutenants.

One of the dominant factions in Tyr since the fall of King Kalak, The Preservers are led by King Titarion. They are powerful spell casters, but avoid Defiling Magic, instead opting for less destructive, but less powerful options.

The Preservers took over the area of the city formerly used for the worship of King Kalak, and have named it The Preserver District, aptly enough.

They are currently not friendly with any of the other factions in the city, but are engaged in open warfare with The Bloody Hand.

Known Preservers:

Titarion: Leader
Moiraine: Head Healer at the Temple in the Preserver District
Xander: Double Agent in the Bloody Hand

The Preservers

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