The Voice

“What is dead, does not vanish. It… echoes, its effects going much further than you’d expect.” Davion to his lieutenants.

The Voice is a collection of what templars of King Kalak remain in Tyr, miscellaneous defilers, and countless refugee former slave holders. They currently have fortified the Templar’s Quarters section of Tyr, and are led by Davion, the half-giant Defiler who helped to defeat Kalak.

The party’s first interaction with The Voice was when they found several members of the group attempting to apprehend Xander the Thri-kreen. They killed the leader, captured one of the hired goons, and let the other escape. When they brought the captive to the arena, the Dragonborn Arena Master released him, with the reasoning that they don’t want to provoke the different factions when the city is in such chaos.

Known Members of The Voice:

Davion: Leader.

The Voice

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