The Ziggurat of Tyr

“The slaves go in, the Ziggurat gets taller. The slaves go in, the Ziggurat gets taller! Did I mention the slaves don’t come back out?” Veiled Alliance member to Titarion

A gargantuan ziggurat, constructed with colored tiers and a large obsidian door, the Ziggurat of Tyr is one of two buildings that dominate the skyline of Tyr, the other being The Golden Tower.

The Ziggurat was constructed to house an arcane device, designed to siphon the life essence of everyone in Tyr and accelerate the ascension of King Kalak to a dragon, similar to Borys.

The construction of the Ziggurat was King Kalak’s final act before being slain by Titarion’s adventuring party. The party chased Kalak into the Ziggurat, and defeated him. The Ziggurat was sealed after the fact, with the The Preservers standing guard over the door. However, the party found the Ziggurat unsealed during the events of the riots instigated by Haneth Tsalaxa. The party descended inside, finding a series of mechanized walls and numerous traps, bound elementals, and strange monsters.

The Ziggurat of Tyr

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