“Hear me! The false god Kalak is dead! You are free! Tyr… is the first free city on the face of Athas! It shall not be the last!” Titarion to the slaves of Tyr after slaying King Kalak

The City of Tyr, the Free City, the former seat of King Kalak, and King Titarion. It is currently ruled by The Council. Tyr is a city nestled in the Ringing Mountains, and is one of the largest cities on Athas.

Tyr in a state of flux following the death of Kalak, with four major factions (The Preservers, The Voice, The Bloody Hand, and The Iron Riders) contending for control of the city, and hordes of refugees and freed slaves filling every inn, alley, and rooftop.

Tyr has since calmed, though it is still a powder keg, ready to explode. Titarion was usurped by the party, who put together The Council to administer the city. The city has undergone a significant growth in stability and prosperity, but this has had the effect of drawing the eye of the rest of Athas towards Tyr.

Leta and Lyssandra recently made a deal with Nibenay to ally themselves with his city state, allowing trade and exchange of citizens between the two cities.

Tyr is made up of several districts.

The Merchant District – The largest district, this contains a large residential area, several markets, and countless stores, containing anything and everything you could want, for a price.

The Noble District – Containing dozens of different mansions and estates, the Noble district has fallen on hard times, with many of the buildings standing empty, or full of squatters. Since most of the Nobles were slave owners, they either fled or were killed when the slave uprising took place a year ago. The main exception is Titarion’s mansion, which has absorbed several nearby estates, taking up a significant amount of space.

The Elven District – One of the smaller districts of the city, this district is dedicated to a more elven aesthetic, that clashes with the architectural style of the rest of the city. However, despite the name, only about half the population of the district are elves. The main square of the Elven District is called The Shadow Square, and boasts one of the largest fountains in the city, and one of the few sources of fresh water.

The Warrens – The warrens weren’t so much built as they were grown. What originally was simply a residential district was slowly overgrown by makeshift hovels, refugee tents, and various ex-slave communities. Getting even ten feet in the warrens is difficult, due to the packed crowds, close buildings, and trash clogging the street. The Warrens were lost in the battle with the Brain Rat’s in Free Year 1, when a hole into Under-Tyr was blown open. It has since begun filling slowly with water.

The Templar Quarters – Prior to the fall of Kalak, this area housed the Templars and Defilers that served King Kalak. Now it houses the remaining nobles, templars, and slave holders who didn’t flee the city when the slaves rose up. The gates are now heavily locked, and members of The Voice stand guard atop the walls at all hours of the day.

The Preserver District – The smallest district of Tyr, The Preserver District was once considered a smaller noble district, but has since been taken over as the hub of the Preserver’s activity. The Hospital established by Moiraine and the Manor used as the de facto hub of the city’s governance are located here.

The Arena District – While not the largest district of Tyr, the Arena District is definetely the loudest, even when compared with the bustle of the Merchant district. At all hours of the day, one can hear the clanging of blacksmiths plying their trade, gladiators sparring, mobile vendors hawking their wares, and excited citizens clamoring to enter the Arena. The Arena has flourished since the fall of King Kalak, since it is the one place in the city that anyone can come to in relative safety. The gladiators and arena staff are well armed and numerous, so any problems are fairly swiftly dealt with, so as not to disturb the patrons. The Arena of Tyr itself is the third largest structure in the city, with only the adjacent Ziggurat and the Golden Tower to the south being larger.

The King’s District – This refers to the area directly surrounding the Golden Tower. Ringed by a spiked stone wall over 100 feet in height, the King’s District is surrounded on the East, West, and South by the Templar Quarters, and on the North by the Arena. The King’s Distrit has remained a source of mystery to the public since the fall of King Kalak, since any who venture too deep into it do not return. Prior to Kalak’s fall, this district housed Kalak’s personal guard, the numerous bureaucrats that kept the wheels of the kingdom turning, diplomatic staff, and any foreign representatives from other city-states. The buildings of the King’s district are a sharp contrast from the rest of the city, constructed of a dark black stone. It is rumored they were built even before Kalak founded the city millenia ago. The King’s district is built around The Golden Tower, the seat of Kalak’s power, before his death. The party recently entered the Golden Tower, and cleared it of the undead menace that had inhabited it, claiming it for themselves. The Observation Tower, attached to the Golden Tower, was destroyed in a conflict with Kalak’s surviving High Vizier, which caused the detonation of the bound primordial heart inside the Observation Tower.

Tyr’s primary exports are Iron, Stone, and fruit. Tyr boasts one of the few working iron mines in Athas.


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