“Leaving aside the tunnels, the sunken city is largely unexplored. Only the most foolhardy or daring would venture close to the city, and brave the creatures dwelling inside.” Nibenay, in his musings on Tyr

Tyr is a far more ancient city than the citizens of it realize. The city is, in essence, built on itself, as older buildings sank down, the new buildings were constructed overtop. This continued for a great deal of time, until the events that led to the start of the Red Age The ground hardened, creating a rock shell over the remains of the city, preserving the remains of the ancient buildings, including a giant stone monolith in the center of the city.

As Tyr was rebuilt during the Red Age, the new sewer system broke through into the ruins of Under-Tyr. Almost immeadiately, it became a haven for squatters and escaped slaves, due to it’s labyrinthine layout and copious amount of hiding places. King Kalak also began to use Under-Tyr to contain parts of a massive device, threading pipes all over the ruins, and up the stone spire.

The party went down to Under-Tyr to kick-start a fountain that had recently stopped in the Elven District, and went through the city, encountering numerous creatures and traps, including Waffles}} the Z’tal. They found the source of the fountain’s disturbance, a Silt Elemental, bound by Kalak to siphon the energy from the water, and use it to power a device tied to the [[the-ziggurat-of-tyr|Ziggurat above.

The party also captured a Demogargoyle in Under-Tyr, and after managing to subdue it and bind it, brought it out of Under-Tyr and to the Arena, just as the riots began to reach a fever pitch.


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