An elf who won't be satiated till all defiler blood runs free


“The city is a plague on Athas, and we are the cleansing flame. Join us or perish.” Adran, when explaining her viewpoint to survivors of Silver Springs.

Adran is a female dune elf, with a dark, dusky complexion, standing around 5’6", with shimmering gold red hair. She favors muted greens and yellows, with a natural theme in her armor and robes. Adran is the leader of the Iron Riders, a faction in Tyr comprised primarily of elves, elementals, and dune traders.

The Iron Riders are an elemental based faction, claiming that the twisted monuments and cities the Sorcerer-Kings built are a source of decay and corruption, and must be destroyed in order to return Athas to the splendor of the Green Age. The Iron Riders primarily reside outside the city walls, but they enjoy a significant presence in the Market District. The Iron Riders feature primarily mounted units, and they command the main trade routes to and from the city of Tyr, though they rarely exercise any specific control over them.

Adran is one of the original four adventurers who slew King Kalak a year before the adventures of Lyssandra and Leta. After Titarion took control of the throne, and Davion rallied King Kalak’s remaining supporters, Adran came to the conclusion that, as bad as Kalak was, the city, and the power it represents, is too tempting a target. Adran fled the city for a time, returning several months later with a column of Crodlu and Kank warriors from parts unknown. Other elves and traders flocked to her cause, and soon the Iron Riders were a considerable force.

Adran has a particular hatred of Titarion, considering him to be nothing but another Sorcerer-King in the making. Her opinion of Davion is unknown, but she refuses to comment.

Adran competed alongside the party in the Obstacle Course section of the Tournament of Tyr, and donated the prize, the Green Thumbs, worn by Lyssandra. She has shown a willingness to cooperate with Genasi, who are viewed as in touch with the natural order of Athas.

Adran is a member of the Council, and has been entrusted with 1 of the pieces of the shattered Heartwood Spear.


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