A sun elemental who has taken humanoid form, Aleyn was bound in the Ziggurat


“This meatbag does come with… some advantages.” Aleyn on the subject of alcohol

A sun elemental the party encountered in The Ziggurat of Tyr, Aleyn was freed by the party removing Harzen from the Ziggurat. Lyssandra had spoken with Aleyn earlier, while it was still in it’s elemental form, and mentioned her decision to take humanoid form, based off of Lyssandra’s appearance. Intrigued by this, Aleyn chose to take human form as well. She wears simple clothing, as opposed to the heavy armor Lyssandra wears, but otherwise looks identical.

Not to be outdone, Aleyn’s sister elemental, Stelle, a second elemental that the party met in the Ziggurat, took humanoid form based off of Leta’s appearance.

Aleyn was kidnapped by Azad while she came to term with her new found mortality. She was released by Qarin, and fled back to the Ziggurat to free Stelle.


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