As brutish as Hengeyokai come, this Athasian Hengeyokai bears the telltalle marks of his Jhakar form


“I am the thing that goes bump in the night, the jaws that close over your throat as you sleep, the…. wait, come back babe!” Aristes, attempting to be mysterious and seductive

Hengeyokai are fairly rare in Athas, typically relegated to legends or myths. Aristes tends to encourage that mythical quality, which he expoits to the fullest extent. When Aristes heard rumors of The Demon in Tyr, he left his home in Raam with his travelling companion Kes, and went to investigate rumors of a third Hengeyokai.

Aristes is a giant of a Hengeyokai, when he is in his human form, he often gets mistaken for half-giant, simply on account of his hulking physique. Aristes is a Jhakar Hengeyokai, though he rarely transforms where people can see. He carries a large warhammer, with a head about the size of a Mul. His most telling feature is his teeth, which remain quite Jhakar like even in his human form.

Aristes approached the party in Tyr, after observing them for a few days, and proposed an alliance for a short time with Leta, to use her assassination skills to kill off some of the major slave traders who fled into the Templar District.

Aristes spent several days sitting with Kes in the Preserver Hospital after her severe injury in the Tournament of Tyr.

Aristes and Leta fought their way into the Templar district and killed the head slaver Imaar.

Aristes and Kes were recently married, with Aristes asking Bahamut to stand for him and the party to officiate the ceremony.


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