A sarcastic demeanor, a barbed dagger, and the ability to impersonate anyone, Azad is a master assassin.


“You know, I’m rather starting to like this body.” Azad when asked to stop assuming Leta’s form.

A Shapeshifter with a penchant for excess, it’s unsure what form is Azad’s true appearance. The body he most often assumes when relaxing is that of a lean and muscled half-elf with a vicious smile and a nose that resembles nothing more than a hooked dagger.

Ex-Leader of the Silver Lion Mercenaries, Azad was encountered by the party while investigating rumors of Lyssandra’s own kidnapping. Qarin the Kenku tailor led them to the warehouse where Lyssandra’s doppelganger was being held captive. There, the party saw dozens of crates of machinery from the Ziggurat being moved by thugs under the supervision of a strange looking man, Azad. Azad threw his cruel dagger at Leta, then took her form, mocking her all through the fight. As a fire broke out in the warehouse, as is the custom with this party, Azad decided he wasn’t getting paid enough for this, attempting to flee. Leta pursued him relentlessly as he fled over the rooftops, as Lyssandra fought an accidentally activated Iron Golem and attempted to find signs of her doppelganger. Leta eventually pushed Azad off a roof, then dropped a clockwork bomb on his head, almost killing him.

Azad surrendered to the party, and offered a deal in exchange for his life. He told the party he was hired by a woman in a white robe to loot the Ziggurat and capture Lyssandra and Leta, to attempt to break their will and control them. He claims to have more to offer, in exchange for his freedom.

Azad gave the party what evidence he claims to have had, that the woman who hired him paid him in freshly minted Raam currency. The party offered Azad a princely sum of money to work for them, and he agreed, taking the money and the offer of free room and board at The Severed Arm.

Azad is employed by the party to search for rumors and plots against them. He charges 100 gold per useful rumor or plot, but only charges for useful ones, giving him incentive to find them.

Azad is a unrepentant alcoholic and womanizer, and is incredibly mercenary, his loyalty going to whoever pays him the most. He thinks nothing of accepting bribes and extorting more from his employers.

Azad is currently


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