Covered in scars, and full of grit, this Thri-Kreen is none the less very playful


“All this one requires is some ale, a sturdy stick, and fleshlings to beat, and this one is happy.” Cha-ka, when asked why he is in Tyr

Cha’ka is a Thri-kreen monk, with a bright green carapace he has tattooed to be as distinctive as possible. Cha’ka is one of the newest gladiators in the arena, and the quarter-staff is his preferred weapon, when his fists aren’t enough.

Cha’ka was paired with Rowan when the party applied to be in the arena, and was promptly defeated, his carapace cracked, creating a noticeable seam where the shell fused back together as it healed.

Cha’ka aided Lyssandra in defeating a group of rioters seeking to take her in for a bounty, dressing as her, to a somewhat effective result, which ended with the rioters defeated and their leader tossed into the arena’s dungeons next to a demogargoyle.

Cha’ka aided the party in their escape from The Ziggurat of Tyr, warning them of the troops coming in from above, so that, with the help of Harzen they escape in time. However, during the escape, Cha’ka was seperated from the party, gliding several hundred feet before crashing through the wall of a building on the far side of Under-Tyr. The party rescued him, and escaped from Under-Tyr, taking him to The Severed Arm which had been converted into a makeshift hospital. Moiraine agreed to keep an eye on him while the party worked to rescue the other gladiators.

Cha’ka has been a key ally to the party, helping them out in numerous instances, despite his absolutely wretched luck, often getting heavily wounded or knocked out. In one instance, he was dominated by Intellect Predators and attacked Leta.

Cha’ka and Elthea seem to be becoming close friends, often spending time together outside of their duties. They teamed up in the Tournament of Tyr, though they didn’t advance very far.

Cha’ka has been becoming increasingly dangerous, most notably when he ripped apart several guards of The Voice, then intimidated another large group into submission. When Elthea was wounded by an unknown assailant, Cha’ka went on the warpath, and cut a swath through the Criminal underworld to find out who it had been.


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