The daughter of Lyssandra and Bahamut, Daronna comes from an alternate dimension where Tyr has been conquered and destroyed.


Lyssandra and Bahamut had a child, a female Dragonborn named Daronna, with fire traits. Her eyes are perpetually aflame, there is a soft red glow under her scales, and when she claws someone, the wounds cauterize immediately. She barely knew her father, but grew to both love and hate her mother. Ultimately, she sided with Leta and Harzen against Lyssandra.

Once the party arrived in the Future Timeline, they found Daronna leading Tyr’s guards, who believed the party’s tale, but openly distrusts them. Once they began their quest to kill the Future Timeline’s Lyssandra as well as the leader of the Unity, Daronna agreed to go along, lending her expertise to the party, and she seems to be growing more trusting of the party, but remains aloof.

In Nibenay, during a battle with Dhojakt, the Prince of Nibenay, a Nightmare Beast Spawn, and numerous monsters, Daronna was critically wounded, and succumbed to a powerful rage, warping her body into that of a Volcanic Drake for a few moments, melting her foes before turning back to her dragonborn form and collapsing.


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