A Half-Giant shrouded in mystery


“I’m not the bad guy, I just use what I’ve been given. Surely you can respect that?” Davion, when confronted by Adran on his use of Defiling Magic

Davion is the leader of the faction calling themselves “The Voice”, a group of defilers that have fortified the Templar District in Tyr following the fall of King Kalak. Davion is a Half-Giant, and his dark robes tend to command all eyes in the room, even without him saying a word. Davion has several tattos covering his face, that glow lightly under his hood.

Davion was one of four adventurers, including Titarion, Adran, and Losk, who faced down and defeated King Kalak. Although it’s curious that a defiler was standing against King Kalak, Davion has kept his own counsel on why he joined the party.

After Titarion declared himself King of Tyr, Davion rallied the adrift Templars and Defilers that had served Kalak, as well as fleeing slave holders who were attempting to get away from their former slaves with their skin intact. This loose coalition of those who benefitted from the rule of the sorcerer-kings call themselves “The Voice”, claiming their mission comes from the voice of a god, something unheard of in Athas.

Davion makes his headquarters deep in the Templar District, in what was once the High Court of King Kalak.

Davion’s motivation is most likely the most noble of the factions, though still tinged with a certain level of greed. Tyrion and Davion created their respective factions to provide a clear good and evil for the citizens of Tyr to fight against. Davion drew in the Templars and slave holding nobles, promising them sanctuary, and providing a clear villain for the ex-slaves to rally against. This was meant to ensure the unity of the city, and eventually the establishment of Tyr as a stable city state, capable of rebuffing sorcerer-king incursions. With the arrival of the Iron Riders and Bloody Hand however, things began to get chaotic.

Davion and Verin were trapped in Under-Tyr for several days, alongside Crusher and Rowan, fighting off hordes of brain rats. When the party came to their rescue, Davion was so sleep-deprived and grateful, that he told them almost everything about why he made the Voice. Davion has 40 loyal templars, and is prepared to give up the rest of them if the party can provide him with an alternative to leading his doomed faction.


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