Dragonborn Arena Master

Jet black armor, a greatsword taller than most humans, and a burning desire for power, the Dragonborn Arena Master


“You threaten my arena, you threaten me. You threaten me, you’re already dead.” The Dragonborn Arena Master, following the attack by House Tsalaxa on the Night of Fire

“Protect the Weak, and bring justice to the wicked.” Bahamut’s Mantra.

One of the party’s primary contacts and patrons, the Dragonborn Arena Master runs the Tyr arena, and has run it since long before the fall of King Kalak. Standing at around 8 feet tall, the D.A.M. is typically seen in a simple chainmail and leather training outfit. When the need arises, he dons his Jet black plate armor, scarred with the marks of many battles, and hefts his greatsword, carved with all manner of arcane symbols.

As master of the Arena, he is one of the few untouchable people in the city of Tyr. Since the arena is neutral ground, it is one of the few places of sanctuary for anyone in the city, and no one faction would risk upsetting that balance unless they were sure they could take it without consequence.

The party first met the Dragonborn Arena Master shortly after they entered Tyr, and he pitted the two of them against Cha’ka and Rowan, two other arena gladiators. After they handily beat them in hand to hand combat, the D.A.M. welcomed them to the Arena. After several victories, the party had gained a fair amount of fame under their arena aliases, The Demon (Leta), and The Sun Soul (Lyssandra).

In the events of the Night of Fire, as it came to be known, the D.A.M. donned his armor for the first time the party had seen, and took to the streets to fight along other gladiators in the defense of the Arena district.

When the party emerged from Under-Tyr, they delivered a bound Demogargoyle to the D.A.M., who paid them for it, and explained the source of the anarchy that had arisen in Tyr while they were away. House Tsalaxa, working for Tectutitlay, Sorcerer-King of Draj, had posted ludicrously high bounties on Leta and Lyssandra, to the point that any woman with red hair was being snatched. Violence and Rioting swiftly broke out, and the established factions worked quickly to fortify their own districts before venturing out into the freshly lawless sections of the city.

The D.A.M. enlisted the help of the party to quash miscellaneous smaller threats to the city, then asked them to accompany him as he attempted to skirt along the Ziggurat and make contact with the Preservers in ther district. When the party ventured into the Ziggurat, he offered to stand guard outside, along with Cha’ka, Rowan, Slice, Bite, and Crusher, realizing the importance and influence that possession of the pyramid represented.

The D.A.M and his allies were captured by the Preservers when they retook the Ziggurat, with only Cha’ka, Leta, Lyssandra, and their new ally Harzen remaining free to act, escaping out a hole in the bottom of the Ziggurat.

Titarion took the D.A.M. to his manor, and set about brainwashing and dominating him with Defiling Magic. However, the party, aided by Moiraine and Eletha, members of the Preservers seeking to usurp the rule of the defiler king, took the fight to the manor, freeing the Dragonborn Arena Master, and making a deal with Titarion, letting him live if he leaves the city and never returns.

The Dragonborn Arena Master took part in the Council, a group of people running the city in “Titarion’s Name”, opting not to add to the dissent seizing the city by annoucning the coup.

The Dragonborn Arena Master orchestrated the Festival of Freedom (Name given by Ex-slaves). The Party won the tournament incorporated in the festival.

After the festival, the Dragonborn hosted an awkward dinner party for Leta and Lyssandra, punctuated with awkward innuendos, exploding pudding, and accidental nudity. During the dinner party, the Arena master revealed his enslaved parents were cultists, who named him Bahamut, and his sister Tiamat. He also revealed his half-brother is the party’s rival Raz, and that he has multiple children.

The Dragonborn Arena Master revealed his birth name to be Bahamut, which his religious mother named him, hoping it would bring him favor from her god. He hides the name, and dislikes people calling him it.

The Arena Master commands the armed forces of Tyr now, but holds onto his title of Arena Master. He has accompanied the party into several dangerous situations, such as the taking of the Golden Tower, and led the forces of Tyr against House Tsalaxa and the Brain Rat Horde.

Dragonborn Arena Master

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