Haneth Tsalaxa

The embodiment of House Tsalaxa, Ruthless, Cunning, and Remorseless


“I offer you this one chance, work for me, or be destroyed. There are no alternatives.” Haneth, when speaking through a psionic duplicate to the party.

Haneth Tsalaxa is the leader of House Tsalaxa, one of Athas’s largest trading houses. Haneth is a middle aged human with slick black hair and an intricately styled goatee. Haneth has three sons, Saren, Folketh, and Tyron.

Haneth has been the source of many of the parties troubles. Haneth is the one who had sent Folketh after Rhotan Vor, prompting him to hire Leta and Lyssandra. Both Folketh and Tyron have been killed by the party, prompting Haneth to employ ever more expensive ventures to bring down the party. Haneth has employed psychic dopplegangers, assassins, hitmen, a hexer that turned them into Z’tal, and a squad of bruisers armed with alchemist’s fire, among other things.

Haneth’s latest plan is to offer a ludicrously large bounty of 20,000 gold for the capture or murder of either Leta or Lyssandra. This has had the effect of virtually every woman with red hair either being kidnapped off the streets or forced to take sanctuary in the few pockets of calm in Tyr. Riots have run rampant, and Tyr burns. But Lyssandra and Leta still remain at large, and even now, Haneth plots…

Haneth Tsalaxa

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