Diligent, quick-witted, and an excellent cook, Ilim was Titarion's ex-slave manservant before he served the Council.


A bald dwarf with an exquisite beard and skin darkened to almost pitch black by the sun, Ilim was a slave for much of his life, before the death of Kalak freed all of the slaves of Tyr. Ilim sought out the slayer of Kalak, Titarion, and offered him his services as a manservant. Ilim has a family that he goes home to, though he seems to greatly enjoy being at The Manor.

When Titarion was removed from power, Ilim was at first fooled about where Titarion went. However, he has since found much more satisfaction working for The Council than he ever had working for Titarion. When he overheard one day that Titarion had been ousted by Leta and Lyssandra Arathi, he simply bowed his head, smiled, and continued on with his duties.

Ilim has served as head of the Manor, maintaining food, repairs, and cleaning for the estate, as well as coordinating the others who work in the manor, and any messages and guests that arrive for The Council.


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