Lar Narya

A hunger for blood and fear make even the kindest lizards into terrifying creatures of the night


“Know me, and know fear!” Lar, introducing himself to the party

Lar Narya, a dimunitive Id Fiend with the power to cloak himself from sight, is one of the party’s companions. Unlike most Id Fiends, Lar seems content to tag along with the party, due to their habit of providing him with terror and blood wherever they go.

The party met Lar on top of a makeshift tower deep in the desert, where he was terrozing a halfling who had wandered too far from the Forest Ridge. After the halfling panicked and ran off the side of the tower, he turned his attention to Leta and Lyssandra, who, in an unexpected twist, attempted to talk with Lar. After persuading him that he would find far more food if he came with them instead of remaining in the tower, Lar joined with the party. Though he rarely gets directly involved, Lar seems quite amused by the party, and enjoys their exploits, when he isn’t off feeding on the populace.

Lar was not seen for an extended period of time, leading the party to question where he vanished to.

Lar Narya

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