An unseen shadow, silent as the darkness itself. A sudden flicker of shadow, the target falls. A rush of rust colored fur. Leta, the Fox Assassin.




For the first hundred years of her life, Leta had no idea what she was, aside from an extraordinarily long-lived fox. She hunted, she ate, she hid from predators, frolicked in the meadow and enjoyed the bounty that nature provided. However, when she turned 100, her body underwent a series of changes, and it was made apparent she was not merely a fox, but a Hengeyokai, the union of the animal and human world. So began the trials of relearning how to live, this time with a significantly different frame. With time, Leta learned how to transition between her fox and human forms, and even how to stop in the middle, creating a terryfing hybrid of fierce predator and lithe assassin.

Unlike most assassins, who favor crossbows, daggers, and short blades, Leta carries a greatsword. Do not think this makes her any less stealthy though, it merely means she doesn’t have to reach as far to stab you in the back.

Kelly to fill in what happened between early years and campaign, as I can’t recall

As Leta adventured with Lyssandra, the two became fast friends, and would often go out of their way to help each other. In the course of their advenuring, the two stumbled over a little flyspeck of a village named Shazlim. Broke, thirsty, hungry, and in Leta’s case, horribly sunburned, the two took the only paying work available, escorting a merchant caravan that was leaving the next day. If she had suspected where this seemingly innocuous task would lead her, what changes do you think she would have made?

Leta became known as “The Demon” after assassinating a slave taker noble in Tyr. She later adopted this title as her Arena alias.

Leta freed a Devil from The Grey named Mesaana in The Ziggurat of Tyr.

“Portals to The Grey taste like meat. Dipped in chocolate.” – Leta (speaking from personal experience)


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