Many Faces

We are Many Faces. We are One.


“We are Many Faces. We are One.” The Mantra of Many Faces.

A strange creature that appears to be in alliance with Betresh-Lal.
Clad in black robes, but attempting to peer into the hood reveals only blackness. A calm and collected voice speaks with an unusual cadence. Wind and objects do not ruffle the cloak.

Many Faces states that it seeks to be One with All, and believes the city of Tyr is where that can happen. Many Faces offers safety, any who come to it may choose to join with Many Faces, and be One of the Many. People must come to it willingly, or be unconscious/unresisting to join with Many Faces. People on their deathbed often join with the Many Faces, to live on forever, rather than die.

Many Faces came to Tyr on command from his mistress, Betresh-Lal, to aid them as necessary. The Many Faces stated desire is to serve their mistress and free Athas from the tyranny of the Dragon.

Leta willingly put on the cloak of the Many Faces, but hurriedly took it off, after being perturbed at her inability to control her own mouth. Occasionally, the mantra of Many Faces echoes in the back of her mind, but she shuts it out.

Many Faces

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