Kind Hearted, quick witted, and always looking to help, Moiriane is an oddity in Athas


“If you want me to heal faster, stop wounding so many.” Moiraine, when rebuffing Titarion’s order to increase her clinic’s speed.

Little is known of Moiraine, a middle aged elven woman, clad all in white and going grey at the temples. She rose to prominence following the death of King Kalak, taking control of a former temple to Kalak, and repurposing it as a hospital. There are several rumors about Moiraine, considering she is second only to Titarion in power among The Preservers. Some rumors imply she is Kalak reborn, or secretly a defiler, or experiments on patients in her hospital with unusual and brutal magical techniques, then wipes their memory if they live. Moiraine gets a kick out of these rumors, and encourages people to bring their concerns to her.

Moiraine approached the party after their foray into The Ziggurat of Tyr, and proposed an alliance of sorts. She would provide them with the information that they needed to free their friends, and provide them with some subtle aid, and they in turn help her overthrow Titarion and establish control of Tyr. In addition, she revealed Titarion is a Defiler, who has been using his magic to bend his closest guards and advisors to his will.

Moiraine is a member of The Council, and leads the remaining Preservers in Tyr. She is under suspicion for potentially betraying the party, hiring Azad to kidnap and brainwash them.


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