Mr. Bread

An eyepatch, a crossbow, and heavy armor, Mr. Bread is Losk's right hand man.


A stocky and surly one-eyed dwarf, Mr. Bread is the second in command of The Bloody Hand. Skilled with a crossbow and heavy armor, Mr. Bread has taken up training Crossbowmen for the city of Tyr, on the request of Losk and the Council. He sports a fancy monocle/spyglass he uses to aim his crossbow.

Mr Bread has popped up a number of times, as both ally and foe to the party, though now he appears appreciative that they have attempted to help Losk.

Mr. Bread was revealed to be an ally of Moiraine, and an informant in the Bloody Hand.

Mr. Bread came with the party to Under Tyr to assault Losk/Titarion. He launched their rough made explosives at enemies, giving them some close fire support.

Mr. Bread refuses to discuss where his name comes from.


Mr. Bread

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