An infuriatingly calm demeanor barely hiding a ruthless efficiency, Saerith is the head of the Temple of Law and a High Consort of Nibenay.


*"Find the Shadow. Kill her. Send a message." Saerith to one of her Elites.

The party first met Saerith when she led a column of almost 1000 Shadow Brides to Tyr. She is a remarkably tall female human, with only the faintest hint of age creasing her eyes. Her severe face tends to remain a mask of serenity, and it takes a great deal to create even a microscopic crack in her demeanor. She is ordinarily flanked by two Elite Shadow Brides, with their faces painted with black and white paint, and wielding enormous great bows.

Saerith is the eldest of the High Consorts of Nibenay, making her the first among equals, only beholden to the Sorcerer-King himself. The fact that she has been placed beneath a member of the opposing Temple of Shadow, Elthea in Tyr has angered her greatly, and is believed she was behind the recent attempt on Elthea’s life.


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