Verin Mathwin

Plump, rosy cheeked, and motherly, this kindly woman seems out of place in the harsh world of Athas


An unusual member of The Voice, Verin is Davion’s right-hand lieutenant. Always smiling, Verin is a kindly looking elderly female dwarf, with her hair in a bun and her knitting needles nearby. Even the foes of The Voice tend to be favorable towards her. She has a habit of bringing tea and cookies to negotiations and meets. How she has survived as a high ranking member of the most reviled faction in Tyr for so long is a mystery, and no one had heard of her before the fall of Kalak.

Verin competed alongside Davion in the Tournament of Tyr, but due to some subterfuge by their opponents, they fell into Under-Tyr, fighting off brain rats alongside Rowan and Crusher for four days till the party rescued them. She had almost knitted a sweater in the gaps between fights.

Verin Mathwin

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