Hard Questions

This is a little writing exercise I was thinking about where I contemplate some questions about the world and philosophy and whatnot, then think about how different characters would respond to the questions. Each question will have it’s own page, accessed by the links below. These are all hypothetical answers, there isn’t an omniscient narrator asking them these questions.

One Life’s Worth: What does one life matter?

Evil: What makes one evil?

Good: What makes one good?

Life and Tragedy: Loss of Life is always a tragedy, but why?

Legacy: What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Hobbies: How do you pass the time, when you aren’t in danger?

Dreams: If given the chance, what dream would you fulfill?

Friends, Enemies, and Rivals: Who would you consider your closest friend? Your most hated enemy? Your Rival?

Possessions: Do you have a most prized possession? If so, what is it?

Slavery: You have just been gifted a slave. What do you do?

Ruler: What is the most important trait for a Monarch or other leader of a city to have?

The Throne: You have just been crowned sole ruler of Tyr. What is your first act?

Hard Questions

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