Character Moments

Spoilers follow, don’t read this if you aren’t me, or the campaign is over.


  • 1: Adran and Bite, working together in the Manor’s garden, him tending plants, her helping them bloom.
  • 2: Adran overseeing an execution of a defiler captured by her men out in the desert. She orders him burnt alive.


  • 3: Aleyn has grown accustomed to the city and to being a merchant, and has gained a sly gleam in her eye. She is contemplating expanding her business to other cities, and expresses her amazement at the importance mortals place on small discs of metal.


  • 4: Aristes and Bahamut are on the roof, hitting small wooden balls with their weapons towards the wall of the city. Even, Aristes wins, Odds, Bahamut.
  • 5: Aristes and Kes are sitting in the garden, whispering to each other and laughing. Aristes gives her a peck on the forehead, then Ilim arrives with tea. The three of them start conversing and laughing.


  • 6: Azad and Cha’ka are having a drinking contest in the dining hall. Odd: Azad wins, Even, Cha’ka.
  • 7: Azad and Losk are sitting across from each other in the Council chamber, leaning back in their chairs and sharpening their blades. They glare at each other, but continue in silence.
  • 8: See Captain Lyranius.


  • 9: Bite is feeding Audrey 2 and Lector, the carnivorous plants in the garden. Stelle brings out more meat, which he accepts gratefully, and she helps him feed.
  • 10: Bite is sitting with Ilim, listening to the man ramble on about the old days, when he was a slave, and how he was worked almost to death.

Captain Lyranius:

  • 8: Captain Lyranius is approaching the manor, holding a young boy of around six years of age on his shoulders, and a woman by his side. On closer inspection, the woman appears to be an elf, and the child has pointed ears. Lyranius stops in front of the Manor, and can be seen speaking with them.


  • 11: Cha’ka and Bahamut are sparring, their weapons spinning and thrusting at lightning speed. On evens, Cha’ka disarms Bahamut, who laughs and claims his time training recruits has softened him. On odds, Bahamut grabs Cha’ka’s weapon, before knocking him down with the flat of his blade. He laughs, tosses Cha’ka his weapon, and yells “Again!”
  • 12: Cha’ka and Elthea walk arm in arm, talking to each other. They laugh and joke, and seem oblivious to whatever else is going on.


  • 13: Crusher and Rowan have come to visit from the prison, spending time with their ex-arena compatriots. They both have ornate tunics, with Tyr’s emblem, which Crusher shows off to anyone that will listen.


  • 14: Davion has come to discuss logistics of running and supplying Skonz Prison with whoever is handling logistics. He is deep in conversation with Moiraine or Elthea, and when Losk or Adran pass by, he looks at them with regret. They look at him with undisguised disgust however.

Dragonborn Arena Master:

  • 15: Bahamut comes up behind Lyssandra and envelops her in his arms, giving her a strong hug, before inviting her up to her room.
  • 16: Bahamut is sitting with Slice, Bite, and Cha’ka, drinking and laughing about arena exploits.
  • 17: Bahamut and Harzen are arguing over whether Martial or Magical prowess is superior.
  • 18: Bahamut has a present for Lyssandra, an ornate orange and purple dress with a high collar, made in the style of Nibenay.


  • 19: Elthea scratches at her Mark of Nibenay, concealed behind psionic illusion, with a concerned look on her face.
  • 20: Elthea and Cha’ka play cards. Odds, Elthea wins, and uses the winnings to buy Cha’ka an ornate orange and purple sash. Evens, Cha’ka wins, and uses the winnings to buy Elthea an ornate scarab necklace.
  • 1: Elthea and Moiraine are discussing Preserver business, with an easygoing air about them. They have cups of wine, and are sitting facing the window, watching the sun set.


  • 2: Geralt is hammering his armor in the courtyard, using his portable forge, repairing some cracks from his last adventure. Harzen comes out, looking interested, then helps the fire grow taller. With a nod, he goes back inside without a word. Geralt looks appreciative.

Harzen Scorchedskull:

  • 3: Harzen is playing cards with Nihlus Vor. Evens, Harzen wins, gathering the gold into a pile, then melting and shaping the gold into a perfect orb, while Nihlus looks on with annoyance, taking it as gloating. Odds, Nihlus wins, and while he smilingly piles the gold into his coin purse, Harzen casually sets fire to the bottom of his coin purse, and all the coins pile out. Roll a d20 in secret. On a 15-20, they notice some of the coins bear the symbol of Draj.
  • 4: Harzen is speaking quietly but heatedly with Moiraine. After a few moments, Harzen throws up his hands in exasperation, then Moiraine sighs and the two get up and go their separate ways.
  • 5: Harzen is sewing something, the needles held in his gleaming teeth, while Elthea watches, a book held in her hand but unheeded. It appears to be ornate purple robes. “Fireproof. I’m tired of almost burning holes in my robes every time I move.” Elthea gets light smirk, and he looks at her. “You want to try this? It’s harder than it looks.” Elthea declines, but giggles at his attempts every few minutes. Her book is labelled “The Wanderer’s Journal: The Ringing Mountains”.
  • 6: Rolled Once: Adran and Harzen are speaking, in slightly heated tones, but still civil. Harzen is talking about the need to clear away the dead brush, preferably with fire, before new growth can be started. Adran agrees, but argues for care, to ensure still living growth is safe. Harzen argues that this wastes time, and the old growth likely would steal nutrients from the more important new growth.


  • 7: Kes is leaning on her bow, talking with Mr. Bread while they take turns shooting at targets arrayed atop a low stone wall. They seem to be getting on quite well.
  • 8: Kes is speaking with Moiraine, who is inspecting her injury closely. Moiraine casts a spell, and the scarring reduces somewhat. Kes flexes her leg, and jumps up and hugs Moiraine, though it is clear that she still has a pronounced limp. Moiraine smiles broadly and hugs her back.


  • 9: Lar is coiled up in the garden, contently napping. Slice and Bite come up, with a bucket of meat for the plants. Lar hisses at them to leave the meat, then pauses to share some with the plants.
  • 10: Lar is coiled up next to Moiraine, sleeping. Moiraine holds up her finger, motioning for quiet. She continues what she was doing, which was casting a long-term healing spell on Lar, his scars slowly fading.


  • 11: Losk is making a vial of something green, her hands steady. Harzen sits nearby, watching interestedly.
  • 12: Losk is lost in thought, her hand idly scratching at one of the scars from the arcane runes Titarion had inscribed in her skin. She has an angry look on her face.
  • 13: Losk and Moiraine pass each other in the hall. Losk mutters “Whore.” Moiraine responds with “Trash.”


  • 14: Moiraine and Bahamut are sitting, going over the army numbers, with muted voices. If the party comes over, they look up, and state that they have been going over the numbers, and given their current situation, they do not think there is nearly enough to hold off any sizeable threat.
  • 15: Moiraine and Elthea are walking through the garden, idly chatting. They come across Bite, tending the flowers, and Moiraine hands him a vial of blue liquid, claiming it may help with the growth of the flowers. It is water magically enchanted with extra fertilization.
  • 16: Moiraine and Adran are magically sparring, spell and counter spell, in the arena inside the house. Evens, Moiraine wins, binding Adran in a cage of force, before walking over and saying “And that’ll be 50 gold, my dear.” Odds, Adran wins, pinning Moiraine under a binding of vines and branches. “Keep your gold, the joy of beating you is reward enough.” With a smirk, she lets her go.
  • 17: Moiraine is speaking with Stelle, giving her pointers on cooking.

Mr. Bread:

  • 18: Mr.Bread is sitting and drinking with Moiraine, a mug of ale in his hand, a cup of wine in hers. They seem to be laughing about the different heists and double crosses they’ve done in the past, most notably against Titarion.
  • 19: Mr. Bread is talking with Azad, who has a jug of ale he keeps near to hand, offering more to Mr. Bread whenever his flagon empties. Azad is listening intently, his eyes sharp, and he is pointedly not taking any drinks himself.

Nihlus Vor:

  • 20: Nihlus is speaking with the Dragonborn Arena Master, discussing ways to maximize the profit of the Arena, speaking of concessions, souvenirs weapons, and other things.
  • 1: Nihlus is talking with Losk, speaking of elaborate protection rackets, or illicit narcotics trade.
  • 2: Nihlus is speaking with Harzen, discussing the idea of monetizing some of his inventions. Harzen is opposed to this approach.


  • 3: Rowan is taking a day away from working at the prison, and is having a bit of an archery competition with Kes and Mr.Bread. Roll a d6. 1-2, Rowan wins, 3-4 Kes, 5-6 Mr. Bread.


  • 4: Slice and Bite are dueling in the pool room, jumping around the island, swinging at each other with their chain-blades, and generally being acrobatic as hell. Odds Slice, evens Bite wins.
  • 5: Slice is making a pass at Moiraine, and even seems to be doing half-well. Roll a d20. On an even, she suddenly leans down and gives him a quick kiss, leaving him stunned. On an odd, she laughs, pats his head, but winks at him when walking away. He pumps his fist in celebration.
  • 6: Slice is sitting with Captain Lyranius, and they are talking in hushed tones. Roll a Medium DC Perception. Slice is asking about the possibility of a Mul riding one of the Combat Inix.


  • 7: Stelle and Ilim are cooking away in the kitchen, and are even singing together, though both are horrendously off-key.
  • 8: Stelle and Aleyn are sitting together, playing a game of stones in the sitting room, and discussing the oddities of being flesh.


  • 9: A letter arrives, sealed with Titarion’s house seal. Inside is a simple message. “I do so hope you are taking good care of my city. Given recent events, it has become clear to me that civilization is a dangerous place to be. Still, I have no urge to see Tyr burn to the ground. Something awakens in the south. Be on your guard. I’ll be back for my throne soon. – Titarion.”

Twidget Steelbite:

  • 10: A dwarf goes launching over the manor, with a glider similar to the one Harzen made strapped to her back. Harzen is looking on with amusement. If asked, he says he has been writing back and forth with Twidget, and sent her the designs for the glider he made, in exchange for one of hers.

Special Moments:

  • 11: Stelle and Aleyn come to the party, with the excited news that they have recently bought an expensive restaurant, called “The Gilded Carafe”, whose prior owner had choked to death. They are going to turn it into a profitable enterprise, with Aleyn purchasing rare ingredients, and Stelle and her helpers preparing exotic dishes. Wealth was starting to come back to Tyr, and a number of ex-slaves have money to burn following their looting of their ex-master’s homes. The city gains “The Gilded Carafe” as an income source, worth 30 gold per day.
  • 12: Aristes and Kes come to the party, requesting that the Council provide their blessing for their marriage, and leave to have the ceremony in the Throne Room of The Golden Tower.
  • 13: Losk comes to the party, with an excited look on her face, with Harzen in tow. They finally managed to trace the magical link Losk shares with Titarion, to the ruins of Borys’s Citadel to the north.
  • 14: Moiraine is sitting on the large stairs with the huge front doors of the manor open, watching the sunset. She has a waterskin with her, and she seems contemplative. If the party goes to speak with her, roll a d20. On 1-11, Moiraine tells them she is worried about the hospital, with the increased capacity of the city, even though the city is more peaceful, it is still packed to bursting, and many die for lack of care. On a 12-18, she expresses her concerns about other cities massing to attack Tyr, and how she worries for her home, Raam, being crushed in the warpath by Draj, Urik, or Nibenay. On a 19, she expresses her concern for Harzen, and how he may not be the same Harzen she knew, the leader of Tyr’s veiled alliance. On a 20, she looks very conflicted, then sets aside the waterskin. She confesses to having hired an assassin to kidnap the party, back when they first began working for Titarion. She never called him off, thinking that they may still be a threat, being gladiators and assassins, but she apologizes, and says she was wrong, that they are the best hope for Tyr she has seen.
  • 15: Harzen is sitting in the Council Chambers, looking out the window, a faraway look in his eyes. If asked what’s up, roll a d20. On a 1-11, he simply motions them away, and placidly ignores them if they press the issue. On a 12-17, he tells them he has been contemplating their connection, and his thoughts on how the Device may somehow be responsible. On 18-19, he says that he is thinking about the Ziggurat, and how odd it seemed that Kalak would entrust Harzen with designing it, since it was well within Kalak’s abilities, and the lack of a body. On a 20, Harzen says he has been thinking about his suspicions about his origins, and how he might not really by Harzen, and his theories on who he might be. Mention Kalak during this, but have Harzen doubtful.
  • 16: Nihlus is sitting on a windowsill, waxing his bow, and fletching his own arrows. He glances at the party, then goes back to his work. Roll a d20. On a 17-19, they think they catch a hint of anger in his eyes. On a 20, they recognize it for the hatred it is. Otherwise, just tell them that they notice his arrows are fletched with a strange white feather. If asked, he says it comes from a species of bird that has incredibly broad wings, allowing it to float on top of the Silt Sea and hunt for smaller silt beasts. If asked about the anger, he tells them that his father is threatening to disown him if he doesn’t stop working against House Wavir’s interests, setting up his own trading house.
  • 17: Cha’ka comes to the party, looking worried, or so they think, based on their knowledge of Thri-kreen physiology. He tells the party he must leave for a time, that he must make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Chak’sa, and that he can say no more. Elthea is there, and she looks quite sad. Roll a d20. Evens she goes with him, odds, she stays.
  • 18: Slice comes up to the party, and hands them a creation of his, a simple music box. He says he has picked up a few tricks while guarding Harzen’s lab, and asks them to turn it on. A haunting melody emanates from the device. Slice says that he heard the song in his dreams. A Hard DC Religion check reveals it to be a dirge from the ancient god Milil, the dead god of music.
  • 19: Bite sneaks up behind the party, Roll party level stealth vs. perception. If failed, they hear him, otherwise he sneaks up and taps Leta on the shoulder. He smiles a huge smile at her, and motions for her to follow him. He leads her to a part of the garden, hidden through a number of vines. Inside, purple and black flowers cover almost every surface, beautiful large flowers with speckled petals. Bite motions with a wide sweeping gesture to the flowers, then points at Leta. He named the flowers Letas. He motions her closer, and carefully brings out a vial, then presses it to a petal, and catches a few drops of liquid in it. He stoppers it, and gives it to her. Whenever the party returns to the Manor, she can ask Bite for 1d6 vials of poison.
  • 20: Bahamut walks up to Lyssandra, with his hands behind his back. He pulls her aside, and says, “I’m not one for long speeches, so I’m just going to say it. Every day, we face the chance of death or worse, and I see there being no reason to put it off for a better day.” He pulls out a golden necklace, inscribed with a phrase in ancient draconic, reading “Protect the Weak, and bring Justice to the Wicked.” A medium DC Religion check reveals this to be the ancient mantra of Bahamut. “Will you do me the pleasure of being my wife?”. Lyssandra gains the Torc of Justice.

Character Moments

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