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Potential Adventuring Companions for the party:

Slice: A good-natured Mul with arena experience and a passion for music and literature. One of the few Mul with hair, a fact he takes great pride in. Twin brother of Bite.

  • Acrobatic, History focused, Durable, Musical.

Bite: A mute mul with his teeth filed to points, Bite is, despite his appearance, a vegetarian. Very skilled with plants and natural phenomena, Bite is very expressive, lack of voice aside. Twin brother of Slice.

  • Acrobatic, Nature focused, Durable, Intimidating.

Cha-ka: A fearsome looking Thri-Kreen, Cha-ka is a very honest and friendly ally to the party. Serving as the party’s primary guard, Cha-ka is quite happy to help the party with whatever they need, especially if there is a jug of wine on the way.

  • Nimble, Quick, Psionic, Insightful.

Dragonborn Arena Master: The leader of the gladiators, and a member of The Council, the Dragonborn Arena Master is the solo champion of the Arena, and has been orchestrating the fights for almost twenty years. Wearing heavy black plate armor and wielding a fearsome looking greatsword, the Dragonborn is built like a tank.

  • Strong, Armored, Experienced, Leadership.

Moiraine: Leader of the Preservers in Tyr and a member of The Council, Moiraine is a skilled healer and mage. The aging elf has a peculiar sense of humor, and she was instrumental in orchestrating the seizing of the city by The Council.

  • Healer, Transmutation, Leadership, Scheming.

Harzen Scorchedskull: An eladrin killed then raised from the dead by Kalak to serve perpetually in the Ziggurat Harzen designed, Harzen is a slightly crazed and mostly sociopathic artificer and fire mage that serves on The Council.

  • Intimidating, Fire, Research, Item Creation.

Elthea: A shadowsouled genasi templar from Nibenay, Elthea is masquerading as a Preserver in Tyr. She has taken a shine to the party, and helped them overthrow Titarion.

  • Shadow, Psion, Templar, Stealthy.

Mr. Bread: A Cocky and Arrogant Dwarf, who runs what is left of the Bloody Hand, and also trains crossbowmen for the city. Skilled in the use of Plate Armor, Battleaxes and his trusty Compound Crossbow named Maribelle, Mr. Bread is a formidable opponent.

  • Criminal, Sharpshooter, Heavy, Ambitious.

Daronna: A fierce but reserved female Dragonborn, Daronna is the daughter of Lyssandra and The Dragonborn Arena Master from an alternate timeline. Wielding her Father’s Greatsword, along with a veritable armory of other weapons, Daronna has trained since she was a small child to master all forms of combat. Coupled with the Elemental nature bestowed on her by her mother, Daronna is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Determined, Weaponmaster, Strong, Elemental.

Companion Page

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