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Hidden vaults, giant towers, Sorcerer-Kings, and an unforgiving sun. Athas is an unforgiving world, and you need every edge you can get. This wiki is a catalogue of the different locations, factions, and other miscellaneous elements that the team of Lyssandra and Leta have come across or heard mentioned in their travels.

You can access the different types of pages to the right, either by displaying all, or searching by tag.

In addition, here is a quick start guide! Curious about who the party has allied themselves with? Or who they have crushed? Locations they have conquered or fled from? Rare Artifacts they have come across? Click here!

Also, are you curious when the party might get a new toy? Is Harzen being annoyingly cryptic about his latest project? Or can you not quite remember whether he asked you to bring him a live adult human with brown hair or a bushel of slightly rotten cactus apples? Well check out Harzen’s Mad Sci… Harzen’s Research Notes!

Or if you want to know what visions or dreams the party has been going through, check out the Dreams and Visions Compendium.

Want to see how the party is handling the ruling of a city? Check out the Tyr City Stats!

The party has a bunch of allies and the like they can call upon to aid them when they leave Tyr for their adventuring. For a quick rundown of their potential companions, check out the Companion Page.

The party is also investigating who may have paid Azad to kidnap and brainwash Lyssandra Arathi. The clues so far are listed here.

Character Conversations: Just a general writing exercise.

Hard Questions: Another writing exercise.

Rifling through Pockets: What do the different characters keep on them, in their pockets or bags?

Achievements: Some General Achievements for the Party to strive towards, with associated rewards.

Army and Kingdom Conversions: Either as a thought exercise or a planned conversion, let’s see how converting the Normal Timeline Tyr and Armies goes!

Main Page

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