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Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for the Wiki of The Mark of Tyranny. Here is a helpful list of categories, and the people there-in, for your viewing pleasure!

Allies of the party:

Bite: A mute Arena Gladiator with a passion for plants.
Cha-ka: A reckless but honest Thri-kreen gladiator.
Crusher: A simple-minded giant adopted by the Arena as a gladiator.
Dragonborn Arena Master: A power hungry but charismatic elite gladiator. Leads The Arena of Tyr.
Elthea: An agent of Moiraine, a psion working for The Preservers.
Harzen Scorchedskull: A crazed artificer undead eladrin trapped in The Ziggurat of Tyr for a year. Now building gadgets and items for the party, as long as they test them out.
Lar Narya: A bloodthirsty lizard that feeds on fear, the party met Lar in The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes.
Mesaana: A tiefling from The Grey that Leta freed from a prison.
Moiraine: Second in Command of The Preservers in Tyr. Approached the party with a plot to seize control of the city.
Losk: A dimunitive Mul, this bitter woman is the leader of The Bloody Hand.
Red Eladrin: An enigmatic eladrin that has hired the party several times, a self-proclaimed defiler.
Rhotan Vor: A caravan master of House Wavir, the first job the party took in Athas was from Rhotan. Xenophobic but cheerful.
Rowan: A quiet but introspective gladiator.
Slice: A mul gladiator who fancies himself a ladies man. Amateur musician.
Waffles: A Z’tal befriended by the party in Under-Tyr. Chirp.
Xander: A wry Thri-kreen working for both The Preservers and The Bloody Hand.
Davion: The Leader of The Voice. While originally an enemy of the party, Davion came to be a trusted ally after the party rescued him and his lieutenant Verin Mathwin from Under-Tyr.

Enemies: The party has made their share of enemies in their adventures, here’s a list of the major ones:

Folketh Tsalaxa: The second heir to House Tsalaxa, was a recurring foe until his death at the hands of Lyssandra.
Haneth Tsalaxa: The head of House Tsalaxa, out for the blood of the party for killing two of his sons.
Raz Chainbreaker: A dragonborn the party encountered on their way to Tyr. Challenged them at a game of dice, and managed to cheat them out of 10 gold. Last seen in Raam.
Saren Tsalaxa: The only surviving son of Haneth Tsalaxa, heir to the trading house. While the party hasn’t met him, they have heard of him.
Tectuktitlay: The Sorcerer-King of Draj, Tectuktitlay hired House Tsalaxa to destabilize Tyr.
Titarion: Self-proclaimed king of Tyr, and the leader of The Preservers, Titarion is secretly a defiler, and has been a patron of the party, until The Preservers captured several gladiators the party had grown close to.
Tyron Tsalaxa: The youngest son of Haneth Tsalaxa, Tyron was one of the earlier foes the party encountered. Eviscerated during the raid on the Vault of Darom Madar.

Neutral Characters: Those the party have met, or heard of, but aren’t directly opposed or friendly with.

Ablach-re: The cunning Sorceress-Queen of the lawless city of Raam.
Adran: A dusky-skinned elf, the leader of The Iron Riders, and a harsh and violent supporter of the primal elements.
Andropinus: The purportedly democratic Sorcerer-King of the wealthy city of Balic.
Borys: The Dragon of Athas, the most powerful being on this plane, the only interaction most people have with him is fearing the Dragon’s Levy, his yearly demand of 1000 souls per city to drain for power.
Hamanu: Dedicated and powerful, Hamanu is the Sorcerer-King of Urik, a strictly militaristic city-state.
Kalak: The now deceased ex-king of Tyr, Kalak’s pre-death actions have nonetheless had an effect on the party.
Lalali-puy: Revered as a forest goddess, this Sorceress-Queen rules the forest city of Gulg.
Nibenay: An inquisitve and analytical genius, the Sorcerer-king of the self-named city-state Nibenay has only interacted with the party once, imprinting them with his mark when they activated one of the altars in the Canyon of Gothay he uses to test potential templars.

Locations the party has visted:

Tablelands: The location that the party began their adventure in, riding in Rhotan Vor‘s caravan.
Silver Springs: An elven trading outpost, destroyed by a recently freed water elemental.
Canyon of Gothay: A canyon deep in the Tablelands, with numerous branching valleys and dead ends.
Vault of Darom Madar: A vault containing the last wealth of House Madar, a trading house destroyed by House Tsalaxa for competing with it’s trade of grains in Northern Athas. Looted by the party.
The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes: When leaving the Canyon of Gothay, the party briefly passed through part of the southern tip of the wastes. Home to Lar Narya.
Tyr: The great city of Tyr, ruled by Titarion, formerly by Kalak, and the only city in Athas without slave trading. The majority of the campaign has taken place inside Tyr.
Under-Tyr: Ruins of the city Tyr was built on top of, built around a stone citadel holding the cavern up. Filled with creatures that time forgot.
The Arena of Tyr: The third largest structure in the city of Tyr, the Arena is the home of the Gladiators of Tyr, a loose organization the party counts themselves as members of. Since the death of Kalak, the Arena has become the only neutral ground in the city.
The Severed Arm: The party’s home away from home, the Severed Arm is an inn in the Arena district of Tyr. Giant platters of meat, constant bar brawls, and secure rooms, make the Severed Arm one of the most popular inns in Tyr.
The Ziggurat of Tyr: A giant multicolored ziggurat, built on the orders of Kalak, and designed by Harzen Scorchedskull
The Golden Tower: The Golden Tower was the seat of King Kalak when he ruled over Tyr. A gargantuan pillar of gold, stretching hundreds of meters into the air. Since Kalak’s death, countless people have attempted to enter the tower to loot it, but none have returned.

Unvisited Locations: Some of the locations the party have heard of in passing, but have not visited.

Nibenay: A city ruled by a Sorcerer-King of the same name, Nibenay is often called the City of Shadows. Dancers and musicians perform on every street, but the city seems quiet, nonetheless.
Draj: A city of step-pyramids and temples to the Sorcerer-King Tectuktitlay, Draj is a theocratic dictatorship, with the whole city filled with awe and fear of their supposed god.
Balic: In the Green Age, Balic would have been called a port city. Without water in the Sea of Silt however, it seems like a cruel joke. Balic still manages to flourish under the rule of Andropinus the Sorcerer-King, bringing in money with it’s gargantuan slave trade.
Raam: The fact that Raam hasn’t burned to the ground completely is in itself a miracle. Anarchy contained by the walls of a city, Raam is the playground of the hedonistic Sorceress-Queen Ablach-re.
Gulg: A city only in that there are many people living in close proximity, Gulg is more a series of simple villages surrounded by a magically created wall of thorns, hundreds of feet high, build around a great tree that houses the Oba.
The Grey: With no gods, where do souls go in Athas when they die? The grey. An infinite plain, shrouded in grey mist that seems to go forever. It is here the few survivors of The Dawn War hide, angels and demons without a realm or a god to serve.
The Elemental Chaos: Lyssandra Arathi‘s home plane, a shifting chaotic mess of elementals and djinn, controlled by primordials and elemental princes.
The Endless Sand Dunes: A fathomlessly large expanse of sand in the south of Athas, Endless is the only way to describe this wasteland, as once you enter, the chances of ever finding your way back out are slim.
The Southern Reaches: A desolate stretch of land to the north of the Endless Sand Dunes, The Southern Reaches have countless ruins and curious psionic anomalies strewn about the land.
The Ivory Triangle: In the east of the Tyr Region, bordered by the Silt Sea to the North, East, and South, and the Tablelands to the West, this region is dominated by Salt Flats and Silt Deposits.
The Sea of Silt: The remains of the oceans from the Green Age, the Sea of Silt was turned from water to ultra fine silt during the Dragon’s Rampage. Small islands dot the Sea, and vicious Giants roam the shallows.

Artifacts or Important Items:

The Heartwood Spear: A Primordial Artifact, the bane of defilers, shattered when used to kill Kalak. A convincing forgery is wielded by Titarion.

Quick Start Guide

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