“A city of opportunity! A city of freedom! A city of complete and utter corruption and bloody anarchy! Who could want more?” Raz explaining why he came to Raam.

A walled city to the north east of Tyr, Raam is a city in chaos, ruled by Ablach-re. Riots aren’t simply common in Raam, they are the primary street traffic on some days. The Templars are little more than thugs, killing those who look at them wrong, and are as corrupt as they come, bribes making them overlook everything shy of regicide.

Raam is a refuge for those seeking freedom from the more strict or totalitarian Sorcerer-kings, since Ablach-Re’s approach to ruling is to simply let what happens, happen. She will occasionally choose to enforce laws, or change them, or ignore them as she wishes, when she bothers to pay attention to the city at all. Most of the time, Ablach-re seems utterly indifferent to the affairs of the city until it bubbles over into full blown rebellion, where she reappears to gleefully crush dissenters.

Raam used to be an exporter of livestock, gems, and fine cloth, but organized trade has been all but non-existent in decades.

Raam had several distinct districts, but the city has been burned down and rebuilt so many times it is hard to find any clear divisions. The palace of Ablach-re, the Arena, and the Templar Quarters are the only parts of the city that have remained constant through the years, possibly due to being almost entirely magically warded stone.


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