The Severed Arm

“The day you don’t hear any fighting in the Severed Arm is the day the city has been flattened by the dragon.” Random citizen of Tyr.

One of the largest inns in Tyr, the Severed Arm is based in the Arena District. Rather than actually naming the Inn, a replica of a severed arm hangs above the door, and the locals have come to call it The Severed Arm, since “That inn where they done cut off that arm and mounted it over the door” doesn’t flow as well.

The Severed Arm has almost continuous bar brawls going on, which the management encourages, as long as it is in the half of the bar made for that and doesn’t disturb their other patrons. People often have meals at the Severed Arm just to watch the bar brawls.

The Severed Arm is the base of the party in Tyr, and they have saved it from destruction several times, most notably during the Night of Fire, when House Tsalaxa tried to burn the Arena District to the ground, starting with the Severed Arm, the base of their sworn enemies, the party.

Following the beginning of the riots in Tyr, The Severed Arm was converted into a makeshift sanctuary, where refugees from elsewhere in the city could rest and eat safely.

The Severed Arm

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