Tyr City Stats

The City of Tyr:

Ruler(s): The Council

Treasury: 610 gold

Happiness: 34% – Modifiers to Happiness Most Recent Modifier: The collapse of the Warrens and the Death of a third of the city has put a damper on things. However, Tyrians are a stalwart people, and are starting to pick themselves up already. -29 Happiness

Military Forces:

Azad: In Draj, infiltrating House Tsalaxa

Lyranius: Patrolling around the city surroundings.

The Jamfalcon Problem: Today (1 Battle Mage, 10 Guards)

69 Gladiators – Leader: The Dragonborn Arena Master. (20 at Prison.)

198 Guards – Leader: Moiraine. (30 Assigned to Farms, 100 at Skonz Prison, 5 on the Jamfalcon Problem, 10 Assigned to the Meteor Camp.)

28 Preserver Mages – Leader: Moiraine. (5 at Prison.)

3 Elite Guards: Slice, Bite, and Cha-ka – Leader: Leta and Lyssandra.

14 Crossbowmen: – Leader: Mr. Bread. (10 at Prison.)

8 Archers: – Leader: Kes

13 Battle Mages – Leader: Harzen. (1 with Moiraine, 1 On the Jamfalcon Problem, 2 at Prison)

12 Psionicists – Leader: None.

50 Rangers – Leader: Adran

30 Kank Archers – Leader: Adran

40 Shamans – Leader: Adran

80 Crodlu Riders – Leader: Adran

47 Inix Cavalry – Leader: Captain Lyranius. (47 with Lyranius)

22 Untrained Recruits – Leader: The Dragonborn Arena Master.

155 Golems – Leader: Whoever holds the Golem Control Rod. (5 Golems at Prison, 3 Chasing down Bandits.)

149 Shadow Brides – Law – Leader: Saerith and Elthea.

28 Thri-Kreen Hunters – Leader: Cha’ka.


Basic Walls: These walls are 3 meters thick, and 10 meters high, with 4 gates into the city. Height and Strength 1.

Basic Guard Towers: There are 2 guard towers, capable of housing a few guards and the necessary administrative supplies, at each gate. Each tower has a horn to signal trouble. Height and Strength 2.

Fort Skonz: A fort/prison overlooking both the north and south roads to Tyr. This fort gives advance warning of any forces approaching along the roads, and houses the undesirables of Tyr. Height and Strength 2.

Income and Costs:


The Arena of Tyr: Generates 150 gold per day.

The Severed Arm: Generates 25 gold per day, and provides housing for up to 3 guests of the party. Now owned by Mr. Bread.

  1. Unnamed Ex-Scribe wishing to start a tabloid.

The Manor: Generates 50 gold per day, provides housing to the party and their guards, and can house a single guest of the party.

  1. Psionicist named Unias, training Psionicists.

Trade with Nibenay: Generates 100 gold per day, or 300 per day if the Iron Mines are opened and used for trade, or 175 per day if the Iron Mines are opened and used to exchange for slaves from Nibenay. If used for slave exchange, roll a d10 each day. On a 10, Happiness in the City increases by 1%. Cannot be used to go above 75% Happiness.

Total Income: 525 gold per day

Civil Unrest: (100 – Happiness Rating) gold. E.G., a 20% happiness rating costs you 80 gold per day, whereas a 100% Happiness Rating would cost you nothing. This represents the cost of repairing damages, vandalism, and paying hazard pay for putting down dangerous situations.

Harzen’s Research Costs: 40 gold per day. Harzen goes through expensive scrolls and reagents at an alarming pace as he experiments with different ideas.

Volunteer Draft: 20 gold per day. The party has a steady flow of ex-slaves and those displaced by the riots signing up to fight for the city in exchange for room and board. The city gains 1d20 Untrained Recruits per day.

Battle-Mage Academy: 50 gold per day. Harzen has established an Academy in the remains of a manor in the noble district, training up 1 Battle-Mage per day, but at the cost of 3 Untrained Recruits. Only around a third of the population has arcane potential, and the testing is rather… brutal.

Crossbow Range: Mr. Bread has setup a new Crossbow Range, behind the Severed Arm, his newly purchased Inn, into an archery training range, and trains 1d6 crossbowmen per day from the untrained recruits. Costs 50 gold per day.

Unias, The Master of the Way: Trains 1 Psionicist from Recruits per day, for 30 days. 15 days Remaining. Costs 50 Gold Per Day.

Archery Training: Kes has set up a series of archery targets in the courtyard of a nearby manor house left abandoned by the death of Kalak, and trains either 1d6 Archers or 1d6 Rangers each day. Costs 35 Gold Per Day

Total Costs: 326 gold per day

Total Gold per Day: +199 gold per day into the Treasury.

Decisions awaiting the party’s input:

  • The Dragonborn Arena Master is looking forward to thumping some new recruits today. Roll a d20 for recruits. Choose whether he should train them as Guards or Gladiators, then roll a d20. That many recruits are changed into the chosen class by the end of the day. Also, roll a d6 for how many crossbowmen are trained by Mr.Bread. Decide whether Kes should train Rangers or Archers, and roll a d6 for how many that day. Add 1 Battle Mage and Psionicist, and subtract 1 day from Unias, and minus 3 Recruits.
  • If the party wishes to bring Golems to the Tribute as guards, they must leave today. Assemble the War Party? Double check the numbers they brought.
  • Random Encounter.
  • Random Encounter.

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Tyr City Stats

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